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Looking for a Vancouver or Portland baby/Child photographer? Our goal is to create images that document your baby’s growth. We try to focus on your baby’s natural interactions, curiosity and milestones. This session is ideal around 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age! We capture first smiles, tummy time, unassisted sitting and walking. Special lovies, blankies and toys for sitting and standing babies are encouraged to document their favorites things as a baby.

Children Portraits

While my studio is a great place to photograph the more serious self portrait of your child, I enjoy session in the beautiful great outdoors. Kids have the freedom to move around, play and even dance. I have a handful of locations that have become favorites to my clients that I would love to share with you, or I can accommodate a special location that is more suitable for your needs.

Babies are the cutest subjects to photograph. Babies bring joy and dreams to our hearts and proud parents want to forever keep these moments recorded in framed pictures, albums, and social media.

As a baby photographer, nothing makes me happier than making people feel amazing about themselves by capturing their unique personality and beauty. Photographing babies energizes me because the possibilities are infinite. When you see the photos I take, I want you to remember tiny toes, silky tuft of hair, curled up poses, wrinkled skin, and heavenly smiles, which will be the memories of the new life you celebrate today.

Your albums are a journey into the past, so make sure you choose a baby photographer that will document these special moments, capturing every detail. Because I know the importance of this phase in your life, I celebrate you, your baby, your love, and your milestones through my lens. I have a master’s degree in special education from the University of Arizona and I spent 20 rewarding years of teaching and working with children and families in the Vancouver, WA schools. This fact alone allowed me to be a very patient person which comes in handy in baby photography.

I always aim to capture genuine connections between my subjects, so my sessions result in a unique mixture of both classic portraiture and more lifestyle-based imagery. There is nothing I enjoy more than bringing out a baby’s true personality and convey that in photographs.

My studio is the little haven where I capture and create your baby or child's cherished moments but I also photograph on location. Vancouver, Washington has a plethora of gorgeous locations where you, your baby, and your family will blend in against the natural backdrop. I can arrange to travel for on location in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon and Washington seaside and most outdoor locations. Landscapes photography is my hobby and I would love to put you in it!

You need quality portraits of your loved ones. Share your present: special moments, your story, and your life in photographs because time doesn’t stop and memories fade.

Location: Vancouver, Washington.

Keywords: sitting (2). 1/125; f/2.8; ISO 64; 122.0 mm.