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Tween Portrait Session

Children Portraits (ages 8-16)

My goal is to create exceptional fine art classic portraits that capture the true essence of your children. These portraits are captured with classic lighting, simple clothing and natural expressions. The results are fine art portraits that will hang as timeless artwork in your home and will remind your child everyday that they are special and loved!

What are the tween years?

  • Age 8 - 10 is the first milestone that you really start to see their personalities shine. This is also the first double digitals that your child will hit.
  • Age 11-13 is the “teen years” that shows the true “in between” stage that connects childhood and independence.
  • And from the age of 14-16 is where society views them as their “coming of age” years. This is the time of transition and growing into maturity and will give them the freedom to be themselves.

What to Wear?

Our background and lighting is tailored to render your portrait as a timeless work of art and requires dark, muted clothing to ensure that your child's face and features are the center of attention. No make-up, no trendy clothes, and most importantly, no forced smiles. For this reason, we recommend classic clothing in solid, dark or jewel tones. Clothing trends can change but a simple outfit can endure the test of time.

We recommend solid colors that are dark (navy, charcoal gray, forest green, burgundy), and easy to move in. Pants, dark t-shirts and camis (for girls) are best, but dresses are ok if they are vintage and simple. Dresses are absolutely not necessary since I use silk fabrics for wraps. This is completely optional!

Pinterest links for clothing ideas:

Vintage and Timeless

Preparation Guidelines

• Please make sure your child has eaten before the session. We have found that when families are hungry, the sparkle in their eyes for their portraits isn’t quite as bright.

• Please don’t bribe children, even teenagers. This can change attitudes and make it difficult for little ones to get through the session because they are so focused on the bribe. Families who bribe their children may lose 20-30 minutes of happy children for their session time.

• Ensure to get a haircut and trim to your liking. This is just a bug in your ear to make sure you have time to schedule appointments if your session is off-schedule with his haircuts.

• Please, not makeup, bronzers or self tanners or anything that is glittery or sparkly.

What to Expect-Studio Policies & Ordering Guidelines

We do our best to fulfill your needs and meet your expectations. We will stop at nothing to achieve the very best results for you. To achieve this, it’s important that you are aware of how our studio works. These guidelines are designed to have things written down so our business policies are transparent and you know what to expect. We intend to deliver excellent customer service, now and in the future.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME: We have appointments throughout the day and we try very hard not to get backed up. Please be on time, ready to go for the session.

ORDERING: You will view your portraits at a personally attended or virtual slideshow after your portrait session. You will be asked to order at this time. Please make sure all decision makers are present since studio promotional offers are only available at this time.

STUDIO SPECIALS OR PROMOTIONS: Studio Specials and promotions will only apply on the day of the ordering appointment. Payment in full is due at the view and order session or first payment on a payment plan.

CANCELLATION: If you have a sick child on the day of the session please call to reschedule. If you try to keep the appointment, I will most likely request that you reschedule if we notice your child is sick. Ill or uncomfortable children do not like to be photographed and we know that you will not love your portraits nearly as much as if he or she were in good health.

RESERVATION FEE: The reservation deposit will be refunded after you view the images from session. We are happy to reschedule your appointment if needed but please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill your reserved time. Since we are reserving two hours in the studio and bringing in staff for your family, we have a firm one week rescheduling policy. If you cancel within 7 days, your reservation deposit is non-refundable and appointments may be rescheduled with another booking deposit.

INVESTMENT: What does the average family invest? Our Clients typically invest $500-$3000. Most people find that they can invest around $1,500 and be happy with their selection of beautiful archival wall portraits and print collections. Our museum quality wall art is our top seller and what we are best known for producing. If you have a gift certificate there is never any purchase require, but you are certainly welcome to upgrade your certificate. We promise you’ll have every option presented to you as we offer our regular clients.

PAYMENT: Payments are due at the time of ordering and can be paid by cash, check or credit card and are due at the ordering session. Payment plans are available by arrangement.

STUDIO POLICIES: Please bring only the subjects to be photographed to the session including siblings and the person that might be helping you to the studio. This is especially important with milestone sessions, as I will need the full attention of the child to be photographed.

CUSTOM ORDERS: Due to the custom nature of our work, payment for your order must be placed in full before ordering. Once an order is sent out for production, it is deemed non- refundable. Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery of your product since each piece is artistically handcrafted with one-of-a-kind work of art.

COPYRIGHT: The Studio is assigned the Copyright in all material produced by the Studio. That copyright belongs to the Studio. Violations against the copyright laws include, but are not limited to making illegal copies, scanning, printing from home or downloading from our website. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs in any manner without our permission.

RETOUCHING AND CONVERSIONS: Standard retouching for albums and small prints includes light blemishes at no additional cost. Complex retouching includes such changes as the removal of scars, fine hairs and time consuming cloning are available at an hourly fee of $50/hour. Wall Portraits receive complex retouching at no additional charge and are considered our "Signature Retouching”.

DIGITAL FILES: The Client may share social media files but do not have permission to apply filters, copy, download, screen shot, or capture the photographs in any other fashion.We do not sell a disk of high resolution digital images since we specialize in heirloom printed products.

MODEL RELEASE: Clients give permission to publish and use photographs on the studio's website and for social media sharing which might be for advertising, promotion, trade, exhibition, and distribution. Clients may apply restrictions to use.

Thank you!